Jumpstart Life’s Journey’s mission is to spark a connection between daily living and ones innate empathetic potential. Consider the possibility that this remarkable link begins within the womb as each of us prepares for our own unique birth. Dare we wonder that this notion is in essence a direct reflection of your birth story, initially inspired by your prebirth bonding experience. The goal of Jumpstarts programs is to both stimulate and encourage these possibilities through the blending and application of the creative and healing arts.  The hope is to further nurture an individuals belief that they can and do play a significant role in the outcome of our collective futures beginning with their own birth.

 Organically Nurturing Hope in Support of Our Conscious Futures
• Imagine, people coming together, representing ALL generations, with the intention of creating a network of support in order to raise our children in healthy communities of well-being.
• Imagine, honoring our unique differences while nurturing selflessness in support of community cohesiveness & goodwill.
Imagine, a goal of ‘Generational Healing’ through a process of shared Inner Wisdom, empowering individual awakening through compassion, awareness & education.
• Imagine  what could happen if we embraced the possibility that all that has been stated may well begin during the bonding passage of pregnancy, as we and those around us prepare for birth.


You are invited to participate in this inspirational process of evolution.

 ” In this way, chronic, uncontrollable stress early in life can actually change gene expression and these changes can be passed down from one generation to the next through alterations in parenting behaviour. Being prepared for a stressful world increases aggression while being prepared for a calmer world increases love.  Again, this has huge implications.  it means that he traumas of war, genocide, famine, and natural disaster can linger and be passed on, affecting history through epigenetic influences.It is a mechanism by which the sins of the father can pass to the grandchildren and beyond.’Born For Love, Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered’
by Maia Szalavitz & Bruce D. Perry, M.D., PhD


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