EFT:Meridian Tapping & You

Wonder if I told you that there is a tool that you could use anytime anywhere for anything, what would you say? Maybe ‘No way’ or ‘Sure, and how much is that going to cost me?”

I would like to share  with all of you just such a tool that  I and other professionals have used successfully  while supporting others in achieving their  goals.  This may be old news to some of you but for those whom have not heard  of Meridian Tapping  (EFT) ,  here is a brief description of how it works.  I hope  it will prompt you to look into it further.

As you may know  there are many holistic tools that can be used in assisting one in  clearing  paths towards passionate living. Perhaps you feel as though things are a little off or something is missing. Maybe you are haunted by an addiction or your child is challenged with ADHD. Well the good news is Tapping can help in clearing unwanted emotional blockages that  may have kept you from the  living the life that you seek.

There are numerous sites  and of course U Tube  postings that can give you gobs of wonderful information concerning this technique developed by Gary Craig. I must warn the novice that this technique may look a little strange but keep in mind it has changed people’s lives. The good news for all you left brainer’s  is  that now there is lots of data to support its use.

First let me share that it is for everyone and everything. Does that  sound crazy? Only if you buy into the fact that everything needs to be complicated and take a lifetime to achieve.  If that is your belief then not only is Tapping not for you but numerous other tools and techniques will not work either.

First and foremost you have to be ready for change and open to the possibilities that come with the notion of living a joyful  and prosperous life. Are you  game to explore? If so then take a minute and read on.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a method that uses tapping on various meridian points that in turn clears  emotional blockages in the  energy system of the body. It has been compared to Acupressure and Acupuncture, minus the needles.   As a Holistic Coach and Healer  my goal is in supporting my clients as they explore new ways of  sustaining optimal health. Tapping could be considered a ‘golden ticket’ of sorts. You can perform it, on yourself, without anyone even knowing that you are in process.  It should in no way be considered a  replacement for more traditional  treatments that require a professionals input.  When used as an adjunct to conventional  maintenance and healing  EFT has the ability to stimulate greater effects and promote peace of mind.

I use Meridian Tapping in my practice in guiding couples through their goal of natural childbirth. I have used it for clients whom wish to lose weight  and for  other addictive behaviors.  It is an extremely valuable tool when used in cases of chronic pain and stress.  How about this one, to settle a colic newborn. Or as a calming device for those tweens or teens that use other negative crutches in order to quench their desire to be accepted and understood. How about that test that your child is frazzled about? Can you imagine if the school systems would adopt this simple technique the impact that it could have on our youth. I have also seen it used to enhance meditation and prayer, which is such a powerful avenue of exploration.

This is not something that you have to hire someone to perform though initially it may prove to be beneficial to have professional guidance.  Once you learn the process, which is incredible easy, it can be done by anyone no matter the age. So here is the thing, get on-line and explore.  Do the research and you will be amazed at the possibilities. Honestly what do you have to lose?

Remember your first hurdle may be to accept change into your life. Know matter how bad it may seem it has become familiar to you, it is your comfort zone.  That would be a great place to start tapping… if you dare.

Check out my links to get you started. I encourage you to keep on keeping on with your research and let me know how it is going.  As I mentioned I use it with great success in my practice  and   have  incorporated it into my programs. If you would like to contact me for further information you can email me at jh@jumpstartlifesjourney.org or call 410-346-7607.

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