Journey Stew

• Jeannde’s Journey Stew •


• Ingredients (required): Belief,  Intention & Presence


Jeannde's 'Journey Stew'

Prepare in advance:

1 qt of good intentions, whipped gently until it peaks

3 cups of motivation, delicately sliced

1/2 cup of confidence, finely chopped

Rinse & Sort:

Anxiety, poor habits fear & insecurity. Mix in processor with, chronic pain, anxiety and loneliness

Note: Dump mixture as soon as you are ready.

3. Combine the remaining ‘prepared’ ingredients in a large pot. Stir constantly over low heat,  allowing it to simmer… for as long as it may take.   Eat slowly and deliberately.   Save room for desert…Jeannde’s ‘Possibility Pie’

Happy Thanksgiving to Old Friends & New!

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