‘Belief’ is one of my favorite things. Through the years It has proven to be a wonderful, on going journey that I continue to cherish to this day. I find that it is not so much about what I believe but the act of believing that holds my more sincere truths.  I suppose it is an obvious topic for this time of year but I thought that I would reach out to those of you who may feel its flicker diminishing.

When I was a young girl my father and mother truly believed in the magic of the holidays.  We did not have Christmas lists and yet somehow that special gift  always found its way under the tree. I heard reindeer on our roof each and every Christmas Eve though  I found out much later in life that my Father had never attempted the feat.

When I was about 7 I use to play with a little girl named Suzie.  She was a little younger so I s uppose  she may have looked up to me.  For some reason I felt the responsibility  to share with her that I had been told that there was no Santa Clause. Just days before one Christmas I did the deed. It  took some convincing but I managed to burst her bubble, which my parents and hers reminded me during the many days that followed, was a very selfish act.  I realized on that very day the enormity of believing.  In a moment a vision cherished was stolen from her leaving her empty and sad and I had done it to Suzie just like others had tried to do to me.

Many years later I remember  while  in attendance at a church  one of the elders during a service declaring that  he was disgusted with those that put lights and decorations up, claiming that it had little to do with the  real meaning o f Christmas.  I appreciated his honesty but not his judgement.  What difference does it make how we  show gratitude towards a holiday, what matters is that it comes from the heart.

When my daughters were young I never told them to stop believing in Santa Clause. I choose a more organic approach. I shared with them when they would ask , no doubt prompted by their peers, that he will exist as long as they choose to  believe. This in essence mirrors the process of  believing.   I felt, as their mother that  they might be able to  draw from the experience  as insignificant as it may have seemed.

I am one of those that has never stopped believing.  That is what this is really all about, not some man in a red suite.  It is like that wonderful story the ‘Polar Express’. At the end it  suggests that as long as one continues to hear the jingle of bells that the precious magic of Christmas remains intact. Don’t get me wrong I have  had  my share of ick  in my life but I  choose  to believe in belief.

Belief it a powerful thing.  It is a lovely brush that dips into the colors of a day and with each stroke bring a deeper understanding to our experiences.  I hear  all the time how unfortunate it is that Christmas for some has turned into nothing more than an expensive enterprise that few can afford.  But why allow yourself  to slip into the abyss of gloom and doom because of someone else interpretation of Christmas?

Why is it so important that at some unknown appointed time we should cleanse our children of  Santa Clause, a symbol of belief… that harmless character that brings joy to the world. Perhaps the lesson is that our children should not follow the crowd but be independent thinkers and value the uniqueness of healthy beliefs.

So, those of you with children in your lives give them a gift of belief because they will draw from that reservoir for the remainder of their lives.  And for all those boomers like myself, take a moment to rediscover what it means to you.  It is not in how much money you make or the lack there of, it is in the heart of who you are.   I assure you it is still there awaiting your attention. It may not  be a man in a red suite guiding reindeer to your rooftop but it most certainly will reflect the passion of who you are.

I don’t know if Suzie will ever find my blog but if she ever happens to stumble upon it  this one is for you.  I hope for all of you  that have lost a part of yourselves, that you  take a moment during this time of year and use the symbol of Santa Clause as a lesson in belief.  To this day every Christmas Eve I can still hear the gentle tapping of reindeer hooves on my roof and I choose to not let anyone take that from me.

A Gift For You

I have something  for each of you.  Inside this box is the gift of belief.  Put on some Holiday Music and light a scented candle. Close your eyes and explore what that might look like. Is it those lovely silver bells or the smell of cookies baking at grandma’s house in a distant past?  For those of you who may not be able to draw from fond memory’s then take a moment and imagine what that might look and feel like.  When you are ready open your eyes  and ponder on your gift. What was it  like?  Bask in the details. This small red box is filled with belief. It is yours to  peer into any time you choose.  It is yours and no one can take it from you.

I respectfully honor the uniqueness of each of your beliefs

during this holiday season.

Happy Holidays & Peace to You & Yours!

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  22. Brenda Larocque says:

    “I believe, therefore I am”

    Jeannde, we have spoken several times about beliefs so I am just delighted that you wrote this marvelous blog.

    The word belief does get the mental juices flowing, doesn’t it. I have a note on my kitchen cupboard which says “Believe in Possibilities” .

    We carry thousands of beliefs in our system starting from birth. We take our parents’ word for the truth; we trust the news; we accept the opinions of our friends. We believe in all sorts of things – some are very uplifting beliefs and others are very limiting beliefs. Do we believe that all of our beliefs are TRUE to us? I believe that as children and young people we created negative beliefs that helped us cope with difficult situations. As adults these limiting beliefs now, no longer serve us, and are stopping us from moving forward in a meaningful way with ease and grace. Do we even realize that these beliefs have become a part of our life? If realizing that we no longer want a belief in our life, how do we begin to change it?

    We use our beliefs hundreds of times a day – what do your beliefs look like, feel like? First of all being aware of the power of our beliefs is a huge realization. Now that we are aware we can do something about the limiting beliefs. I have great respect for those who have the courage to question and challenge their beliefs. These individuals are the ones who enrich our world through their creativity and willingness to grow.

    I believe in the magic of the Christmas season as it opens hearts and for those courageous souls
    it can help them to release limiting beliefs about themselves and others.

    Wishing you heaven in your heart,
    starlight in your soul,
    and angels in your life
    at Christmas and always,


    • Jeannde says:

      We have had many a conversation about ‘belief’ . Your sincere heart floats to the surface through your words giving us a glimpse of ‘belief’ through the lens of someone who has a true passion for people. Thank you so much for your comment B

  23. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I believe that we are presented many beliefs as children and as we grow up that we choose to either continue to believe in something or to let a belief go. Many of our beliefs are no more than a thought we habitually think and it may or may not serve us. I decided when I was very young that I stunk at math and I told everyone that until I just about carved it in stone, that one didn’t serve me very well. I also decided that people are really very helpful and nice. Now this belief has been my experience. I also believe that we get what we expect in life, so it only makes sense to expect the best. In my gift box, I found the gift of choice, I get to make up me beliefs in ways that serve me and those around me. Thanks again, Jeannde!

    • Jeannde says:

      Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with all of us. If we could learn to share our frailties as you have we would soon learn just how much we are all alike. I can think of know greater gift.

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