Birth: Emotional Surrogacy For Anothers PreBorn

I was talking to a friend the other day and she shared with me that her daughter has a  close friend that is expecting and due next month. The daughter is concerned because the expectant mother is caught up in some unpleasant drama which is directly associated to her unborn child.  The friend has not taken any childbirth classes in preparation and chooses to watch U Tube snippets of birthing mothers screaming and suffering their children into existence.  My friend’s daughter is concerned because she has been asked to be a part for the birth and although compassionate has never had children of her own and feels a sense of helplessness.

Here’s how I see it. We  no doubt have all witnessed similar instances were a mother is not in a good place while carrying their unborn child, whether by choice or ignorance. When we find ourselves  in their  presence there is something inside  of us that feels  as though something is off.  It might be a sense of sadness or helplessness but it is something.   I invite you to consider that ‘feeling’ could well be the PreBorns essence reaching out for comfort and support from you.  If PreBorns are indeed on the last leg of transformation into the present then the  connection with their environment has begun and guess what we all are part of that environment.

By the sixth month a PreBorn has acquired a sense of smell and can recognize voices.  “The growing child not only communicates on a mental level with its environment but begins to connect with the outside world. The heart chakra and the naval chakra begin to develop in the sixth month.  The foundations of ones abilities to love and relate to others are established at this time” (The Handbook of Chakra Healing, Kalashatra Govinda)

My suggestion to my friend was that her daughter could be an emotional surrogate for her friends PreBorn. First and foremost accepting the belief that it is possible is the initial step.  She could be his ‘soft place to land’ so to speak.  This has nothing to do with taking responsibility for a pre-destined outcome.  This is about understanding that we are each encoded with a connection extending from heart to heart.   In this instance this link can be nurtured, lessening the negative impact of a PreBorns entrance into being.

One of my daughters this past weekend told me that, she with her husband while in traffic, in daylight  and on a crowded street, witnessed an elderly man being mugged.  Well I am not going to go into detail but long story short she called the police.  As the evening drew to a close they had spoken with police several times etc, etc, etc….

What’s is my point?  My daughter was the only one that called the police.  I know, I know you have all heard that before but think about it… hard, what does that say about who we are as a culture?  What does that say about you? So do you get the connection yet?  My friend’s daughter is witnessing something that she can get  involved with, not only for the  sake of a PreBorns final steps, but in honor of future generations. Finding peace in a single act of empathy from someone other than an expectant mother towards an unborn child is a magnificent testimony of  human love.  And for all of you, out there, that are aware of the significance of the relationship that you have with your unborn child, value, truly value those that are around you for they too are impacting your child just as they will following birth.

So how do we do this?  Well, be open to what we are feeling when in the presence of a women with child and intentionally wrap them both up in the aura of our hearts.  Educate yourself about the impact of a fearless and peaceful birth.  And remember the mother may not hear you but there is another soul ever-present that I assure you will be impacted by your efforts. I hope you are all inspired by this young women who cares enough to get involved.

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