Wonder If….

• WONDER IF  we adopted the notion that as we fall  asleep each night we are actually experiencing a  kind of passing?  We are leaving behind  someone who we once knew for someone we have  not yet had the opportunity to  meet.

• WONDER IF we considered our time asleep as a womb state? A time for learning, exploring, healing or perhaps reliving an experience of a time gone by.

• WONDER IF we viewed each morning as a birth?  Think about it, we  no longer are the same person we were at our passing the previous night.  While in the womb of night we have faced opportunities that were not apparent to us the day before and we awaken to an entirely new experience.

• WONDER IF we viewed a single day as an entire lifetime?    As we retire to our slumbering cocoon’s in  preparation  for our birth’s in the dawn of new day,  be inspired by the possibilities of what may come.

Tonight as you  fall off to sleep I invite you to ponder on this notion.  Treat  each day  as a lifetime and each night as a passing from the someone you discovered throughout your day, now awaiting  birth. As you awaken take  the opportunity to celebrate as you encounter the newness of your being?

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