Gaia’s Time Piece

I am an avid hiker.  I have always been a bit of a nature girl. As a child I would seek great comfort while out-of-doors climbing trees and such.  As a matter of fact that was where I  usually could be found on some high adventure or mystical trail of something or other. I have a sister who also loves to walk.  Unfortunately we are not in each others lives at this time, but on occasion I think of her as I am hiking.  I feel as though our kindred spirits  are synchronized in those moments. We share in the profound harmony that nature offers, what ever that may look like to each of us individually and in some small way, for that instant, I feel close to her.

Down the street from where I live there is a Wetlands Reserve complete with a Nature Center.  I know pretty much all of the trails around the streams, ponds meadows and the cathedral-like forests. This summer I am a volunteer as a ‘Blue Bird Box Monitor’.  Weekly I check the five  little wooden boxes  that are in my charge for any signs of change. It has been great fun watching all the little ones come and go.

By now I have literally hundreds of photos of what I lovingly refer to as ‘My Park’ and some might say just as many stories.  I have witnessed every change of her seasons. Mother Nature has become a great Spiritual Guide and Teacher for me. She is like the gate-keeper between my daily life, bubbling over with overload and that part of myself that I am truly meant to be.

I have learned that if I do not get to her regularly,  my spirit begins to fade, which in turn affects all aspects of my life.  At first I did not get the connection but with a her guidance my awareness broadened and I found a direct correlation between  my  hikes and my  inner peace.

In order to maintain that balance in my life Gaia reminds me  to bring  something   back  from my walks.  By now, you might imagine I have rocks,  pieces of bark covered in moss and a variety of other memorabilia. Some hold a special place in my home while others sit on the dash-board of my jeep or in the trunk next to my muddy hiking boots and bug spray.  But I am referring to  something  that is living like a small wild flower or a wisp of clover. When you get home put it in a vase of water.  Keep it by your computer or put it where you will view it regularly.  When the first petal falls or it begins to wither you will know that it is Mother Nature beckoning you back, like a small time piece that keeps watch over the necessity to connect regularly with a part of something that is greater than us all.

It is true what they say…the bond that we all share with every living thing is remarkable and can and will share  its great wisdom with each of us if we should choose to make ourselves available. In looking back I can see Gaia’s thread connecting the patch work of my life .  I am in awe of her patience and I truly honor her friendship as I look forward to the future lessons that she has in store for me.

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