‘Jumpstart’ Visits Canada

I had a wonderful journey while in Canada.  First stop was a gathering at the ‘Jazz Tech Cafe’ Bistro’ in Huntington, Quebec on Thursday evening.  Morgan, one of the owners was a gracious host and set us all up to view the documentary ‘What Babies Want’  We all had a great time sharing and discussing our experiences  while nibbling Brenda’s lovely homemade   goodies.  Thanks Morgan & Brenda!

The next of the festivities was an all day Spirit Festival.  Brenda the other half of ‘The Wonderful Wacky Goddess Collection’ & I were busy all day sharing  some of our products, which we are preparing to launch in a catalogue in the very near future.  We spoke with some wonderful and inspiring people and made some great connections.

I look a little startled but I promise I was having lots of fun!! Thankfully the currency is so similar to ours that it was easy with sales.

Brenda demonstrating one of our Circle Scarves.  By the close of the day she had gracefully created a flowing dance that showed off the 8 different ways that our scarves can be worn. You go Brenda!

The final stop of my trip was an offering of my ‘BLEND’ workshop that Sunday.  Here are a few of the ladies  that were so powerful. Throughout the workshop they each shared parts of themselves that made the day an incredible day healing and closure.

I met so many wonderful people on my trip.  The folks in Canada Rock!!  They are gracious and loving.  I look forward to my work bringing be back for a visit very soon.

 Thanks Canada!!!

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