Selfw:Baby (Brody)Jeannde’s career, has culminated in her advocacy for Generational Healing through shared Inner Wisdom. She is in support of an individuals unique potential inspired through creative forums. Jeannde believes that in nurturing an individuals natural empathetic qualities, relational interconnections can be naturally stimulated. She is dedicated to motivating others,  encouraging their curiosity as they further their own investigation into the world of empathy. Jeannde’s intention is to foster relational cohesiveness through shared trust & compassion. She facilitates a variety of gatherings & workshops which encourage further exploration into the remarkable language of empathy.
History: Jeannde’s Mother was a classical ballerina with the San Francisco Opera Ballet & soloist with Pacific Dance Theater & the Russian Opera Ballet Association. Her Father was a featured soloist with the Halprin-Lathrop Dancers & visual artist. Later as a team they dedicated their passion for the arts through children’s programs facilitating classes, workshops & T.V. programming in the San Fransisco Bay area. Both Jeannde and her sister followed in their parents footsteps, devoting themselves to dance as well as other artistic endeavours.  Jeannde followed her mothers path of classical ballet,  beginning her career at an early age. Later, encouraged by her role as a young mother,  Jeannde developed & implemented children’s programs, cultivating creative inspiration & expression through the Frederick County Parks & Recreation. With  her children now grown she was afforded the time to devote over a decade of  training & teaching to Pilates as a certified instructor in both mat & apparatus. Through these genres she worked with diverse groups including children, expectant mothers & those challenged both physically & or emotionally. Her on going dedication to the use of movement, as a significant tool for healing & insight, once again, grounded her in her families roots. Later her training as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner (Mongan Method) proved to be a major catalyst leading her to her present vocation. All of these modalities, collectively, gave her a unique foundation full of uncommon experiences.  Her upbringing coupled with her training over the last 35 years in the Healing and Creative Arts arena further encouraged her empathetic abilities while providing a unique opportunity to pursue her passion of championing women & their families.

 • Life Empathy Coach • Minister of Holistic Healing •  ‘Enchanted Hand Dancer • Storyteller •  International Presenter & Workshop Facilitator •

• Ordained Minister of Holistic Healing through Awakenings Institute
• Cert. Holistic Coach & Healing Practitioner, A.I.
• Cert. EFT & Spiritual Kinesiology Practitioner, A.I.
• Cert. Hypnotherapist-Hypnosis Maryland, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
• Cert. Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Ryoho Method

• Programs – implementing balance & healing through creative expression, movement & the arts.• •’Enchanted Hand Dancer’- Performance, weddings and other special occasions special occasions.•• • Artist

• MDNO – Maryland Non-Profit Organization
• APPPAH- Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health
• UMA – United Montessori Association
• OPN – On Purpose Women’s Networking, Maryland
• MBN – Maryland Birth Network
• ADTA – American Dance Therapy Association

Jumpstart Life’s Journey of Awakenings Institute (non-profit) – Holistic Support for Intentional Living
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