Joy & Ease Pregnancy

“In late prenatal life and early infancy, babies’ brains are searching for clues about the world that they are entering, trying to predict what settings will best adapt them to the life ahead”. ‘Born for Love, Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered’ by Maia Szalacitz & Bruce D. Perry, M.D., PhD

 Pregnancy Empathy Pods (Circle)

A Shared Container of Joy & Ease

A Gathering of Mums In Honor Of The Unique Journey Of Pregnancy 


  • The blending of both Creative & Healing Arts strategies such as meditation, visualization & self-expression in fun & creative ways in support of communion & peaceful birth scenarios.
  •  Gentle seated movement cradling the Preborn  into the rhythms of  the Mothers motions, manifesting a synchronized harmony between them.
  •  Cultivating a collective network of nurturing empathetic energy, within the Pod,  that inspires support for the birth experience.
  • Fostering  rapport & relational bonding, through the medium of meditation, between a PreBorn & Mother in preparation for birth while forming a powerful alliance culminating in post birth relationships. 

Our Experiences Are A Direct Result Of Our Thoughts…Energy Follows Thought

“The same thing is true at the soul level. If we can make the spirit
of our baby feel welcomed, it will affect the entire incarnation.”     Dawson Church

 “In certain tribes, people believe that the spiritual birth of a child begins when his potential mother first imagines him; She goes to a silent place and listens for the baby’s special song.  When she hears it, she returns to her home and teaches it to her mate. While making love, they chant the song as an invitation for this soul to enter into their lives.  Once pregnant,  she regularly sings the song to her unborn baby and teaches it to the midwives in preparation for her birth.  They sing the song while the woman is in labor and as the baby is born intothe world  The child learns the theme song, which supports him through all the stages of his life.  He uses his song to celebrate his moments of glory and comfort him in times of loss.” Deepak Chopra, MD ‘Magical Beginnings Enchanted Lives’


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The ‘Belly Beings Shop’ is a sister project in support of prebirth bonding.


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