The Belly Beings Seed Thought Network:

A Gentle Call

Come join with others in creatively nurturing an energetic space, a birth waiting room so to speak. The gap between what we have chosen to accept as a culture, regarding pLouis Janmot-Poeme de l'ameregnancy and birth, and harmonious birth scenarios can find common ground in a new rhythm. This  pulse is interpreted, energetically palpable, through the expanded awareness  of  a groups collective work.

This project is not based on a particular belief system nor is it the intention of this network to sway an individuals personal views. This safe container (space) that we are jointly manifesting and maintaining through a communal daily seed thought, is intended to inspire each of us to hold true to humanities evolutionary goals, as we collectively seek to raise group awareness with regards to pregnancy and birth.

The place and time that you choose to focus on the daily seed thought is of little significance. The power of a single thought combined with the same intention of others on a daily basis, with the forethought of continuing without fail, is all that is asked.

A ‘Belly Beings Seed Thought’ will be posted to this network’s Facebook page on a monthly basis. Place it in your heart for a few minutes each day. Should you miss a day just pick back up the following day. Your personal intention will maintain the desired overall outcome.  ‘The Belly Beings Shop’,, is a sister project to Jumpstart Life’s Journey.

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